About Us


At Blue Mesa Health, our goal is to prevent 100 million cases of chronic disease in the next decade.

In Hong Kong, the prevalence of prediabetes has increased at a staggering rate from 0.78% to 8.9% of the population between 2006 and 2014 (1). Related, over 70% of prediabetics will eventually developed diabetes unless something is done to stop the progression. Chronic disease is a fundamental challenge that will affect nations’ economies and impact the quality of life for billions of people if it is not comprehensively addressed.

Health coaching, mobile solutions, cloud technology and wearables are converging to create a new category: digital therapeutics.

We are a team of health professionals, software engineers and business leaders who are developing, designing and delivering digitally-enabled health programs in Hong Kong, starting with Transform: A Digital Diabetes Prevention Program.

(1)Quan J. et al. Diabetes incidence and prevalence in Hong Kong, China during 2006-2014 Diabet Med. 2017 Jul;34(7):902-908